What makes the signs hurt the most


*Check your moon sign!

Aries: When their close friends turn on them due to their standoffish tendencies

Taurus: When they struggle to do the simple things

Gemini: When they lose control of their environment and feel as if it is their fault

Cancer: When they feel outcasted and alone. It makes them feel as if something unchangeable about them people dislike.

Leo: When they feel controlled by their surroundings/friends

Virgo: When they work really hard only to be not taken seriously by their peers

Libra: When they are put in between conflict that they can’t help alleviate

Scorpio: When they get stabbed in the back/find out they’ve been lied to

Sagittarius: When they feel that they did not live up to expectations/when they feel unfulfilled

Capricorn: When they worked their ass off to find out it was for nothing

Aquarius: When their emotions are beyond their understanding and can’t seem to figure out how to deal with them

Pisces: When they get too attached to someone/something only to be abandoned

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