Choose from my Abundant Collection of TAROT Spreads 


Ever go for a reading, but aren’t sure what kind of reading to get? You don’t have to be boring or feel limited to the tried (and true!) Celtic cross or 3-card General spreads. These original spreads are amazing and awesome in their own right, but what else is out there? I’ve collected hundreds of Spreads over the past year and adding more and more every day! Lucky for you I have gathered them all together, so it is easy to scroll through them all and make your choice! No limits, no restrictions, just you and hundreds of tarot spreads to choose from!

My Abundant Collection of TAROT Spreads is featured on Pinterest, so what are you waiting for? There is so much to see, and you will be so glad you did! Don’t miss out or skip this invitation to my collection of hundreds of tarot spreads! Choose one, then make use of my contact page to schedule your reading. And don’t forget to attach a picture (or link to) of your chosen tarot spread!


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