Daily Tarot for the Zodiac

Daily Tarot for the Zodiac Signs

◊ <<<>>> ◊  Tuesday, August 7, 2018  ◊ <<<>>> ◊

◊ For Everyone

10. The Wheel of Fortune – Extreme Changes, Renewing or Transforming Cycles


5. The Hierophant – Use your intuition today. Go about decision-making in the same way you always do.


7. The Chariot – Your receptivity is your personal weapon today. Use this weapon in order to find where to direct your attention.


12. The Hanged Man – You may have to make a sacrifice, or be patient, in order to reach your goal or get what you are wanting right now. Changing your thinking about the current situation will help to move this process along.


9. The Hermit – Today is not the best day to be surrounded by loads of people. If you cannot help it, at least take some time to reflect on your current needs. You may have to take on the responsibility of leading an example for others. 


14. Temperance – Be patient, but make sure you know that your efforts are really worth putting forth, and that you really want this. Definitely advisable to confirm your place in the situation.


6. The Lovers – Use your critical eye to decide what deserves your passionate spirit today. Self-love is needed now, so do not ignore this.


15. The Devil – Your inner demons may be trying to bring you down, but I can assure you, material comforts will not help. They will only mask the problems, and they will continue to grow. 


8. Strength – Staying strong is nothing new for you, so do not be afraid to reach for what you set out to get. You will need courage to do this, but have no fear because your inner strength will be there to catch you, if you do fall. 


19.The Sun – Expansion is the name of your game, so there is no trouble there, at least most of the time. Today, you should try to expand your joy and happiness in life, in general. You have been working hard, and deserve to have some fun.  That is all.


1. The Magician – Pay attention to the way you are working today. Do not work hard without working smart. You have all the skills required to finish out the job, and then some. 


17. The Star – Today may not be going exactly as you had wanted, but there is still hope! Do not let yourself become discouraged. Quiet reflection will help you to get a better grasp on the situation. 


4. The Emperor – Today you need to use your logic and reasoning to accomplish your goals, and to get where you want to be. Use your head, not your heart, to make big decisions.








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