Hi fellow Lovers of Astrology & The Tarot~
I'm a Scorpio Ascendant, Virgo Sun, & Pisces Moon. And together, I go by the name Kat. :)

From an early age, I have considered myself to be a Genuine Intuit ~ that is, I have been blessed with strong intuitive abilities.
This blog has been created due to the interest & love I have for astrology and the tarot.
I interpret birth charts & preform tarot card readings, always using the well-known Rider-Waite Deck, as well as my own intuition, to help guide us to a better understanding of what the cards would like us to know.
Get in touch anytime, really, anytime is fine.
I'd be honored to meet all who have come to read the blog, and I thank you in advance for your time & support!
If you are interested in booking a session with me, you can check out my portfolio & testimonials on the blog. :)
For those of you who are interested in how I conduct a session & what to expect, please use the Contact Page to get in touch.
with great appreciation,
xo, ~KAT

"Peace, Love, & Empathy"
-Kurt Cobain