Name: Victor G.
Location: California, United States
Date: August 13, 2018


I do not believe in tarot cards or tarot readers who claim to be “psychic”. My girlfriend paid for the reading and asked me to get one done, so I agreed to do it. My experience with Kat was actually one that I would say has opened my eyes. I was completely surprised she knew some pretty personal things about me that you couldn’t just guess or generalize.  Also, “Original Insights Tarot” is a fitting name for the company because I have tried some free readings online in the past and none of them were as personal as this one. It was kind of scary, to be real. It’s crazy what she can see with just a couple of cards. That being said, i cannot say with 100% conviction that tarot card readers are honestly psychic, but now, I cannot say that they are not. Being the skeptic that I am, and someone who was doubting the tarot altogether, I have to admit I am feeling very humbled by my reading. Overall, I enjoyed my reading and would do it again because it’s actually pretty cool and the cost was very cheap as well. Thanks


Name: Liz
Location: United States
Date: October 18, 2018
Kat is an amazing tarot reader and I must say she’s accurate af. She not only got into my mind without even knowing where do I live, but she also did marvelous readings and gave me the answers I needed for every situation. Love your work, sweetie, kepp doing your thing ❤️

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